Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora cosplay guide

 As another classic Marvel movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy” once again demonstrated its extraordinary power. The vast majority of the media gave the film good reviews. Marvel comics seems to have a way to get us into a frenzy. This seems to be irresistible charm. This is a sci-fi action movie produced by Marvel Studios. It is based on Marvel comics and is the tenth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The film specifically tells the story of a “star” who was stolen and chased by a mysterious sphere and forced to form an alliance with four incompetent boys: Carmo, Rocket Raccoon, Gent in the Tree, and Drax the Destroyer. They must defeat the enemy and start a battle to save the entire galaxy.

Gamora is the adopted daughter of Thanos, and her weapon is the double sword in her hand. Once an assassin, he worked with Ronan, Lucky Nebra and Kolas, and later abandoned them in order to find his own way. He is called “the most dangerous woman in the universe”.

Gamora’s green skin and exaggerated cosplay costumes make it the darling of Halloween.

Gamora’s green skin is only its most distinctive feature. You can buy a bucket of green harmless paint or hire a professional makeup artist to make special effects for you. Then you can have the same green skin as her. You may not be able to accept it at first, but then you will find it particularly great.

The long jacket top is composed of three colors: light brown, dark brown and black. The clothes version is slender and very thin. The back of the hem is designed with a split design for easy movement.

The black vest jacket is leather, and the low-cut design extends the neckline. Of course, you can also switch to a black base vest because it is not easy to notice the difference between them. In addition, we will give you a white undershirt. You can check the “Guardians of the Galaxy” cosplay costumes store here.

Black skinny trousers are almost all-match items, whether it is Gamora role-playing clothing or everyday clothing, it is almost a must-have pants.

High-heeled boots cannot be less, it is the best single product to enhance the aura.

As the hero’s basic accessory wristband, the belt can of course be one, but these little things can be easily obtained by yourself.

Cosplay is a very meaningful thing. You can discover different people, release your enthusiasm, and hope that you will get more and more fun from each role playing.

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