Breitling Aerospace Evo Watch

Breitling has launched the branded new Aerospace Evo watch, and wore new armour for this electronic multi-function wrist watch with the more resolute and steadfast and more moving design style and technical characteristic as usual to be ready to fight the sky.

Brelting Aerospace multi-function wrist watch was born in the year of 1985, which was the star watch of the Breitling Professional series. This watch has extremely simple, practical control system with clear presentation, and you can control all the flight and practical functions only by rotating, pressing and pulling the watch crown. It is carrying the SuperQuartz(tm) movement that has passed through the COSC identification, whose precision is more than ten times of those standard quartz movement. Excepting those practical functions such as Timer function which is as precise as 1/100 second, countdown timer function, second time zone display, alarm clock ring, making sound for minutes time service and calendar display, the Breitling Aerospace Watch is also equipped with the high-performance backlit display system compatible with night vision goggles to provide the clear and readable time display for the pilots.

Now, on the basis of the special performance of the Brelting Aerospace multi-function wrist watch, Breitling created the Aerospace Evo multi-function evolution timing wrist watch with the new appearance design. The watch size which is a little larger than before, the engraved number time scales, the branded new rotating watch bezel that has decorated with the bezel indicator, and the deducing pointers and bevel edge table mirror, all of these show its unique personality. The watch case of the Aerospace Evo is applying the satin brushed processing titanium which is a kind of material popular in the aviation field, featuring light and solid to show its professional level. And there engraved with the Metric and imperial units conversion scale at the bottom of the watch case to follow its principle of practical feature.

IWC Ingenieur Tourbillon Watch IW590001

IWC is outstanding in the top-level watch industry with its excellent and special Ingenieur Tourbillon watch to consolidate its top position in the aspect of watch design. To achieve very uniform walking rate, the watchmakers integrate a patent constant power machinery into the Tourbillon, and applied to the Ingenieur Tourbillon watch IW590001 for the first time in 2013, which featured 46 mm in diameter, with platinum and ceramic watch case.

The perpetual Tourbillon was located at the position of 9 o’clock which was fantastic and made people can view its charming architecture of multilayer structure. For precision machinery enthusiasts, it is a special enjoyment to see the High precision complex operation of the clockwork, gear train and fork lever. The black tourbillon bridge plate is very striking, with seconds scales and black screws, to stress the quality of science and technology of the watch dial. The stark contrast with it is the Beryllium alloys balance wheel of fine detail and glistening gold Glucydur (r) *. The torsion pendulum arm was equipped with high precision fine-tuning CAM. The Tourbillon rotates a circle in 60 seconds, intending to offset the errors caused by the earth gravity having on Escapements unilateral traction, so as to offset the deviation of the walking rate.

The brand-new iwc manual winding 94800 movement integrated the power of two going barrel as a whole which can provide the Large torque of the perpetual Tourbillon. Besides, it can also provide the power that drive the phase of the moon display device needs. The perpetual power Tourbillon of this IWC watch can ensure the equilibrium and precision of the walking within at least 48 hours. All the design elements of the IWC Ingenieur Tourbillon Watch IW590001 are selected carefully with good teamwork, which is the excellent embodiment of strength and innervations.