Panerai PAM00598 – You Deserve Having It!

The watch dial design of the Panerai PAM00598 wrist watch is adhering to the characteristics of Panerai watches, which is simple and easy to read; and the watch dial structure adopts the design of the Panerai watch in the late 1930 s, that is the famous “sandwich” dial. The dial surface of this Panerai watch is composed of two overlapping sheets, the top sheet in the corresponding location of the standard calibration is dealing with hollow-out treatment, and this makes the bottom dial with luminous coating can better send out the light, and even in extremely faint light the wearer can clearly read time. Deep blue dial is profound and calm, featuring the flavor of the sea, and is just like a quiet sea. The fine sun’s rays texture between the dial surface highly has the aesthetic feeling, as if you can feel the warm sunshine in the afternoon on your wrist. The design of the wrist watch timing pointers are adopting the golden color which is close to the color of the watch case, which is supplement each other with the blue dial design styles.

At 3 o ‘clock position of the PAM00598 there sets with date display window, and at 9 o ‘clock position there sets with small second dial, upper the position of 6 o’clock there written with “GMT”, telling us that this Panerai watch has GMT dual time zone timing function, to offer convenience to those frequent business travellers.

As a new limited edition watch in the year of 2014, PAM00598 currently has gone on sale in the stores replica Panerai across the country, according to the understanding of mine, the latest domestic reference price of the Panerai Pam00598 is RMB 207,000. If you are a fan of Panerai and you are going to have a Panerai watch, just make your purchase on this Panerai watch right now!